10A 20mm Fast Acting Fuse



Fast Acting Glass Tube Fuse / 5 x 20mm / 10A / UL, CSA, VDE Approved / RoHS / UFE010.

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10 Amp 20mm fast acting fuses designed to prevent damage to electronic and electrical equipment. RoHS compliant and carrying VDE, UL and CSA approvals. 5 x 20mm, breaking capacity 200A at 250Vac. Glass body and nickel plated caps.

Fuses allow electric current to pass through them until the amount of current goes over the fuse's rating. At that point the fuse "blows" and stops the flow of electric current.

A fuse is a SAFETY DEVICE. You should always replace a blown fuse with the same type. Replace fast acting with fast acting and slow blow with slow blow. Always replace with the same current rating and the same or higher voltage rating.


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