Brass E27 Lamp Holder (Plain Body) 10mm Entrance



High quality brass E27 lamp holder with a 10mm threaded entrance for use with electrical conduit. This is a plain body brass lamp holder made in England for use without a lamp shade. Lamp holder rating is 4A 250Vac and is compliant with RoHS.

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High quality brass E27 lamp holder. This is also known as an Edison Screw or ES lampholder.


Supplied with a non threaded barrel, seperate internal electrical connection and cap. This version features a seperate internal part for the electrical connection. Connection is made using traditional screw terminal blocks to allow for secure connection. This is therefore suitable for use with all wire types including solid core wires and multi strand wires. Recommended maximum wire size is 2.5mm square. 4A 250V AC rating to suit most standard applications and complies with RoHS.


Outer body dimension is 38mm, larger than standard BC pendant lampholders.


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