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Mains Plugs

Range of UK mains plug to BS 1363 and BS 1363A, available in black or white and rugged (resilient) or standard nylon. All our plugs are BSI tested and approved and from high quality suppliers. All mains plugs are fitted with a 13A fuse.

13A Fused Mains Plug / Resilient / BLACK / Tough Plastic Body & Front /...

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13 Amp Mains Plug / White / Tough Nylon Body / 13A Fuse Fitted / Manufactured...

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Plug Cable Protector / Reducer for use with UK mains plugs / RoHS / 212-CAB-BLK

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Re-Wireable Australian Power Plug, 10 Amp 250V, Waterproof, Clear Colour /...

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